The PASS de la Traversée

– For €36: all the high points of the trip
– Interchangeable between guests, valid from 16 June to 18 November 2018
– On sale until 31 August.

Le PASS inclut :

In Nantes
– Le Musée d’arts de Nantes (Fine Arts Museum)
– Les Machines de l’île, and the choice between the Marine Worlds Carrousel or the Galerie des machines
– The Château des ducs de Bretagne castle

In Rennes:
– Debout ! an exhibition of the Pinault Collection at the Couvent des Jacobins convent and Rennes’ Fine Arts Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts)

In Saint-Malo
– Discover Saint-Malo aboard a sea shuttle

In Mont-Saint-Michel
– Nightly spectacle of the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

Offers and discounts:

In Saint-Coulomb
– Malouinière de la Ville Bague

À Saint-Nazaire
– Escal’Atlantic

Practical information

– The PASS is valid from 16 June to 18 November 2018. FYI: certain sites are only open in July and August.
– The PASS is interchangeable and presented in the form of a chequebook (tickets detached and presented at each destination).
– The PASS offers single access to each site/service.
– Reservations cannot be cancelled, modified, or refunded.
– The PASS can be bought online or in partnering tourism offices (Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Rennes, Saint-Malo).