The town of Saint-Nazaire was born with its port 150 years ago. The docks of the submarine base and the Penhoët neighbourhood are just steps away from the naval shipyards – one of the largest, oldest (still in activity), and most innovative in the world.

Saint-Nazaire is a city of surprising contrasts. Boasting an exceptional industrial past and present but also lovely beaches and coves, unique tours and visits presented in this brochure but also the infinite calm of the Brière marshes, Saint-Nazaire is truly stunning. Ready to be bowled over?

Crédit : ©Christian Robert Ville de Saint-Nazaire

Art in town

If you meander through the city, you’ll successively admire giant murals painted by artists from all around the world, visit exhibitions located in unusual places, enjoy modern art from a different perspective and even look for small blue characters created by a local graffiti artist.

Crédit : © Franck Tomps / LVAN


Between the crab claws, near the harbor master’s office, on the beach dotted with umbrella pines which plunges into the basin of the outer port of Saint-Nazaire, the work consists of three sculptures representing respectively a foot, a sweater -over and digestive system. Encamped in the sand and rocks, the gigantic figures, made of sculpted concrete blocks, rise to nearly seven meters high. like fragments of bodies, architecture or port monuments, they paint a landscape-scale portrait of a modern civilization subject to erosion and the colonization of the elements.

Crédit : ©A.Lamoureux


At the very heart of Brière Natural Regional Park, Rozé Port nestles like a suspended breath, a bubble of well-being for nature-lovers, for anyone in search of gentle sensations and eco-tourism, as this is where you’ll find a natural bird reserve, boat trips on flat-bottomed boats, and traditional markets. Come and discover – or rediscover – Rozé Port and admire the belvedere, which blends into its green surroundings yet offers a 24-metre-high vantage point, from which you can enjoy an outstanding panoramic view over the Brière wetlands.

Crédit : Plage de Porcé à Saint-Nazaire © Alexandre Lamoureux


At Saint-Nazaire, if you ask locals the way to the beach, they’ll invariably reply: “Which one?” This is, after all, a town boasting 20 beaches! Are you more of a sandy-beach or rocky-creek person? Up for a dip in the waves or lazily sunning yourself? A canoe or a windsurf? Here in Saint-Nazaire, there’s something for everyone. As a family or with friends, discover a remarkably unspoilt, thoughtfully laid-out coastal stretch.


New visitor’s route

1964: mission under the ice! The Espadon was the first French submarine to dive under the ice field. All the members of the crew were in position. Now it’s your turn to go down into this steel giant to experience all the sound effects of life underwater, just like a submariner. Audioguided tour, 40 minutes. Please, book a time slot.

Escale Atlantic
Crédit : ©A.Lamoureux


A fascinating journey into the world of ocean liners. Walk in the footsteps of yesterday’s travellers, explore the interiors of a liner, and see beautiful collections from legendary French liners.


Where to eat

  • La Plage de Monsieur Hulot, 37 Rue du Commandant Charcot, 44600 Saint-Nazaire – +33(0)2 40 91 76 17
  • Le Skipper, 1 Boulevard René Coty, 44600 Saint-Nazaire – +33(0)2 40 22 20 03
  • Le Bar Iodé, Place du Commando, 44600 Saint-Nazaire – +33 (0)6 62 80 09 82
  • Sous les palmiers la plage, 8 Boulevard de Verdun, 44600 Saint-Nazaire – +33(0)2 40 22 13 97

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Where to sleep

If you’re staying in Saint-Nazaire or the Brière area, you have a wide choice of accommodation, from hotels and apartment hotels to bed & breakfasts and camp sites. Here you can browse all our accommodation options and find your perfect getaway.

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