Medieval fortified town with more than 1 km of ramparts, Guérande has a history of legends and white gold … The enhancement of its precious heritage has enabled it to become part of the network of Cities and Countries of Art and History. The mosaic of colors offered by its salt marshes also leaves visitors speechless.

A mandatory detour to jump back in time.

In the heart of the city with the Collegiate Church of Saint-Aubin. 2018 ©AlexandreLamoureux


A visit to the historic heart of Guérande means enjoying the unique charm of this city. Between the cobbled streets and the multicolored pennants, the medieval atmosphere is waiting for you !

The salt marshes seen from the air. 2018 ©AlexandreLamoureux
The salt marshes seen from the air. 2018


Over the centuries, man and the ocean have shaped the Guérande peninsula. Here, salt is a true local specialty.

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