Towering 80 metres above the Rance River, Dinan has preserved the exceptional fabric of a medieval town, with its timber-framed and corbelled houses, as well as its many historical monuments.
Since the 18th century, this city has been a constant beacon for pioneers, men of letters, and artists like Chateaubriand, Mérimée, Hugo, Proust and the painter, Turner.

The wall walk, with its 3 kilometres of ramparts, its 15 towers and 4 gates, surround the walled city and offers a spectacular, panoramic view of the landscape, the interweaving granite houses, and the slate rooftops. Le Jerzual – a picturesque, steep cobblestoned street – leads to the port on the Rance River.



Le Chemin de ronde (the rampart walk): two entrances – one located between 9 and 13 rue Michel, and the other between 20 and 24 rue de l’École.

Be sure to see:

La tour de l’Horloge (the Clock Tower): entrance €4 / €2.50

Where to eat

  • Crêperie Ahna
  • Restaurant Les Trois Lunes  (and its secret patio)
  • L’auberge des Terre-Neuvas (along the edge of the Rance River)

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