The Itinerary

travel itinerary for brittany

Today, Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, La Baule, Rennes and Saint-Malo welcome international visitors to the West of France by inviting them to explore this region through an itinerary to Mont Saint-Michel by way of little-known treasures, secret beaches, artworks nestled in lush landscapes, and excellent places to eat and rest…

In addition to highlighting our rich architectural heritage, we hope to offer a poetic, or even sensual approach to these major heritage sites, some of which have been forgotten or have yet to be truly revealed. When travelling, there is what one aims to discover (or rediscover), and there is the path leading there. Perhaps this path is, ultimately, the most thrilling part of all. This modern journey through an old land hopes to introduce – or allow visitors to rediscover – a local culture, where they let themselves drift to their chosen destination, taking the time to let emotion and enjoyment be their guide.

Length of journey : 8 days, 7 nights, from April to October

The destinations

Logo La Baule - Guérande
Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont Saint-Michel
Saint Nazaire Renversante