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The town of Saint-Nazaire was born with its port 150 years ago. The docks of the submarine base and the Penhoët neighbourhood are just steps away from the naval shipyards – one of the largest, oldest (still in activity), and most innovative in the world.

Saint-Nazaire is also home to examples of Belle Époque architecture, beaches and coves, headlands and cliffs, a coastal path that is several kilometres long, and a magnificent promenade along the seafront, just minutes from the city centre.

Crédit : 11 bis 015 le bleu de loeil © Fabrice Seixas


For Le LiFE’s gigantic space, major contemporary French artist, Claude Lévêque, has created Human Fly: a light and sound-filled installation that will immerse visitors and shake up their senses.
Crédit : Le Grand Cafe © Marc Domage


Contre-vents is an exhibition telling the story of a chapter in the political history of Brittany and the West of France by exploring countercultural expressions (graphic design, cinema, song…) generated by different forms of political activism and struggle in and around Saint-Nazaire, from 1968 to today.


Where to eat

– Le Skipper: conveniently located near the harbour basin, between the panoramic patio and submarine base.
– Beneath the palm trees, you’ll find the beach: light meals and snacks (vegetarian dishes).
– Restaurant “La Plage de Monsieur Hulot” is located on the shooting location of Jacques Tati’s beloved film, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (20 minutes from Saint-Nazaire).

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