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The town of Saint-Nazaire was born with its port 150 years ago. The docks of the submarine base and the Penhoët neighbourhood are just steps away from the naval shipyards – one of the largest, oldest (still in activity), and most innovative in the world.

Saint-Nazaire is a city of surprising contrasts. Boasting an exceptional industrial past and present but also lovely beaches and coves, unique tours and visits presented in this brochure but also the infinite calm of the Brière marshes, Saint-Nazaire is truly stunning. Ready to be bowled over ?

Crédit : ©Martin LAUNAY / Ville de Saint-Nazaire

Red triangles – Felice Varini

The work of Swiss artist Felice Varini in Saint-Nazaire, part of the contemporary art project “Estuaire” in 2007 can be fully appreciated from one spot only, located on the Roof terrace. From that exact point, all the red geometric forms spread around the harbour turn into a single piece of art.

Escale Atlantic
Crédit : ©A.Lamoureux


A fascinating journey into the world of ocean liners. Walk in the footsteps of yesterday’s travellers, explore the interiors of a liner, and see beautiful collections from legendary French liners.
Crédit : ©Christian Robert Ville de Saint-Nazaire

L’art en ville 

If you meander through the city, you’ll successively admire giant murals painted by artists from all around the world, visit exhibitions located in unusual places, enjoy modern art from a different perspective and even look for small blue characters created by a local graffiti artist.

Crédit : ©A.Lamoureux

The Natural Regional Park of Briere

Welcome in the France’s second biggest marshland. Discover it thanks to a flat-bottom boats ideal for exploring and recharge yourself !


Where to eat

– La Mare aux Oiseaux : 1 Michelin-star hotel and restaurant and wellness with a spa area in the heart of Brière Regional Nature Park.
– Restaurant “La Plage de Monsieur Hulot” is located on the shooting location of Jacques Tati’s beloved film, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (20 minutes from Saint-Nazaire).
– Le Skipper: conveniently located near the harbour basin, between the panoramic patio and submarine base.
– Le Bar Iodé : specialties of fish and seafood located Commando Place, new fashionable place, the place to be!
– Beneath the palm trees, you’ll find the beach: light meals and snacks (vegetarian dishes).

The whole itinerary

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