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The town of Saint-Nazaire was born with its port 150 years ago. The docks of the submarine base and the Penhoët neighbourhood are just steps away from the naval shipyards – one of the largest, oldest (still in activity), and most innovative in the world.

Saint-Nazaire is also home to examples of Belle Époque architecture, beaches and coves, headlands and cliffs, a coastal path that is several kilometres long, and a magnificent promenade along the seafront, just minutes from the city centre.

Crédit : 11 bis 015 le bleu de loeil © Fabrice Seixas


For Le LiFE’s gigantic space, major contemporary French artist, Claude Lévêque, has created Human Fly: a light and sound-filled installation that will immerse visitors and shake up their senses.
Escale Atlantic
Crédit : ©A.Lamoureux


Escal’Atlantic, the Ocean Liner Experience, takes you on a transatlantic voyage, as though you had embarked on an ocean liner. Ready to set sail?


Where to eat

– Le Skipper: conveniently located near the harbour basin, between the panoramic patio and submarine base.
– Beneath the palm trees, you’ll find the beach: light meals and snacks (vegetarian dishes).
– Restaurant “La Plage de Monsieur Hulot” is located on the shooting location of Jacques Tati’s beloved film, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (20 minutes from Saint-Nazaire).
– Le Bar Iodé : specialties of fish and seafood located Commando Place, new fashionable place, the place to be!
– La Mare aux Oiseaux : 1 Michelin-star hotel and restaurant and wellness with a spa area in the heart of Brière Regional Nature Park.
– Sous les palmiers, la plage : literary cafe and vegetarian snack

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