Waves, winds and tides have sculpted the contours of this legendary pirate city. In Saint-Malo, everything is turned outward toward horizons that tell stories of adventures, conquests, and illustrious characters, like those of Robert Surcouf, Jacques Cartier or Chateaubriand.

The façades and towers emerging from the fortifications give this city its unique silhouette and the rampart walk offers stunning views, while the beaches of Saint-Malo offer a playground so vast that it feels limitless… Here, the movement of the tides is a fascinating spectacle that one never tires of watching.


The sea shuttle between Saint-Malo and Dinard offers stunning views of the city walls and seafront.

Visiting La Malouinière de la Ville Bague, in St Coulomb


Where to eat

– Breizh Café: Here, the ingredients are the heart and soul of this restaurant which strives to create a different kind of crêpe. It is also the crossroads where Brittany and Japan meet.
– Bistrot Autour du beurre: Local ingredients from the sea and the market showcase Bordier’s different varieties of butter.
– Le Saint-Placide: A gourmet’s cabinet of curiosities – and 1-star Michelin restaurant!

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