L’Art au fil de la Rance is an itinerary of in situ artistic installations where you can discover the town’s incredible architecture and natural heritage sites along the Rance River

This summer, for its 6th edition, the guest artist is Denis Monfleur. His powerful works echo the megaliths of Brittany and are sculpted in hard stone, like granite, and those resulting from magma, like basalt and diorite. Monumental, staid heads, totemic figures and polished monoliths are interspersed along a circuit that runs through the centre of town to the Chapelle de La Souhaitier.


Do not miss

On the grounds of the Chapelle de La Souhaitier, Marc Didou’s permanent installation, Spectrale, creates a poetic dialogue between the work and its environment. It can be visited all year round.

Where to eat

– Les Causettes: Restaurant, tea salon

Go shopping!

– La Cale gourmande: A village grocery store and wine cellar, organic butchery-charcuterie (from La Richandais, 10 minutes from Plouër).
– Les Jardins maraîchers (market gardens): Organic fruits and vegetables grown using permaculture and picked right before going to market.

The whole itinerary

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