Brittany by bike

Brittany by bike itinerary

Ready to experience the gentle thrill of venturing from Nantes to Mont-Saint-Michel by bike?​

This is an invitation to enjoy the excitement of nomadism on two wheels – from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Channel, through the historic lands of Brittany, all of which runneth over with countless wonders that you can stop and admire: from surprising artworks to XXL (or XXS) ports, wild marshes, bucolic waterways lined with the elegant houses of lock keepers, or unforgettably charming, atmospheric towns… all before reaching the fabulous Côte d’Émeraude and the jewel of the circuit: the timeless abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, which stands above a boundless bay swept by the highest tides in Europe.

6 steps

Choose your itinerary among the 6 different steps

Whether as a family, among friends, on your own, or in tandem, this cycling itinerary is divided into 6 steps, borrowing some of the greatest hits from other circuits like La Loire à Vélo, La Vélodyssée and La Vélomaritime. It covers a total of 500 km! So, giddy up for a modern journey through an old land, which you can enjoy in one go, or savour in small bits, most of which can be handled by every pair of legs, great and small!

Bike ride along the green line in Nantes

Nantes > Saint-Nazaire (through Paimboeuf)

53.26 miles - Level 1 (families) - 2 days

After joining the La Loire à Vélo circuit, A Modern Journey Through an Old Land hits the ground running. Following a hair-raising adventure through Nantes (with its island of strange Machines), the former ports of the estuary and the bucolic Canal de la Martinière await you. Here, the sunlight adds a magical touch to the endless natural spaces all around. Prepare also to be greeted by a host of artworks from the Estuaire itinerary – like a “soggy boat” dozing on the bank of a canal lock, a “starry garden” (Jardin étoilé), an improbable belvedere overlooking the Loire, or a pacified “ocean snake” (Serpent d’océan) coiled up on the fine sands of Saint-Brévin.

Parcours à vélo à Guérande

Saint-Nazaire (through La Baule) > Pénestin

51,43 miles - Level 1 (families) - 2 days

La Baule is a member of the elite club of the most beautiful bays in the world. Its hidden villas, sheltered from the seafront, offer you the ideal backdrop to gently start this new itinerary, with your pedals practically in the water. Once this charming detour is behind you, a much wilder horizon awaits with the region’s flora and salt marshes. Even though a modern journey through an old land doesn’t always flirt with the Atlantic Ocean, its mist is never very far away. The sea never stops appearing and disappearing as you calmly zig and zag your way towards Pénestin, its protected site of La Mine d’or, and its golden cliffs.

Port du Tréhiguier

Pénestin > Redon

36.11 miles - Level 2 (experienced) - 1 day

There’s no denying it, the third circuit of a modern journey through an old land is, for the moment, the least clearly marked-out of the itinerary. However, it would be a shame to cross it off your list, since you’d miss out on a few natural gems that can only be appreciated by bike. With the seaport of Redon in your sights, this circuit can almost be done handsfree – but always with an eye on this guide, the road, and the stunning surrounding Breton countryside.

Parcours à vélo vers Rennes

Redon > Rennes

58.62 km - Level 1 (families) - 2 days

The port of Redon sets the tone for this cycling adventure. You’ll ride against the current of the Vilaine River, with its long maritime and fluvial history – and, what a river it is! Wide and open at first, surrounded by protected wetlands… but then, as it approaches Rennes, the Vilaine cuts through schist cliffs surrounded by steep forests that offer views of pristine landscapes. En route, there are countless opportunities to stop and enjoy the different atmospheres with family and friends!

écluse de Hédé-Bazouges

Rennes > Saint-Malo

75.77 miles - Level 1 (families) - 2 days

From the capital of Brittany to the Emerald Coast, a bucolic path twists and turns, complete with water mills and canal lock houses. It runs alongside the Canal d’Ille-et-Rance – the oldest in Brittany – then towards the magnificent Rance estuary. At its summit, you will discover the Onze écluses (“eleven canal locks”) of Hédé-Bazouges and an incredible hydraulic machine that pumps water into the canal. This very easy itinerary is stuffed with gems, while also being wonderfully exotic – and all of it in the heart of timeless and romantic Brittany.

Parcours à vélo jusqu’au Mont-St-Michel

Saint-Malo > Le Mont-Saint-Michel

43.27 miles - Level 2 (experienced) - 1-2 days

From the “privateer city” of Saint-Malo, where one crosses paths with travellers of all stripes, this seaside trek will first take you to Cancale – jewel of the Breton coast – via discreet side-roads. From there, you will soon find yourself among the polders of the Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel – the climax of a modern journey through an old land. Calm and impassive, the abbey and its “Merveille” rise 150 metres above a bay swept by the highest tides in Europe, beneath skies directly out of a 16th-century Flemish painting.

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An acclaimed itinerary!

You can find 2 stages of the Modern Journey through an Old Land circuit among the bike trips suggested in the new Guide du Routard “Les plus belles escapades à vélo en France”! (In French.)

  • Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire, From the Loire to the Ocean
  • Rennes <> Saint-Malo by way of the Canal d’Ille-et-Rance
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